julintestFiskars Museum, Pohja Localhistory Archive and the Assembly Hall are maintained by Fiskars Localhistory Society. On this page you can find information about everything conserning the Society. Do not forget to visit the museum!

New book in the museum shop

History researcher Sture Lindholm has published a new book “Röda moln över industribygd” (“Red clowds over industry district”). This book is based on archive material and describes the civil war in 1918 in Pohja municipality. The book can be bought in the museum shop for 25€. Unfortunately the book is in Swedish only. Our summer exhibition POHJA 1918 is put together in cooperation with Sture Lindholm.

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Summerseason starts!

From 1st of May the museum is open daily 11-16. The summerexhibition – POHJA 1918 – is open in the buildning Slaggbyggnaden to 30th of September. Welcome!

New activities for children

From spring 2007 we offer “Timetravels” as an alternative besides the standard guiding tours! Timetravel is a fun and rewarding way to learn new things. Methodological starting points are fantacy, empathy, dramaplay and roleplay. The timetravel begins when everyone in the group recieves roles, clothes and other properties. With help of a magic pot cover the group will be transfered to a specific year back in history. During the timetravel the groups gets to do different tasks for example bake, churn butter or make coffee, or experience events from the past. Sometimes you even get to meet historical persons.

The thought of teaching children localhistory through timetravels was developed in Jämtlands museum in Sweden.

We are still collecting a B-collection of items which could be used in the timetravel. If you want to donate items, please contact us!